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Subscription Plans

More affordable than textbooks and traditional courses, with a commitment to excellent quality

We are committed to providing an enjoyable and novel learning experience as part of your continuing professional development.  


All plans include full access to:

  • The largest online physiotherapy question bank

  • A range of online exams to prepare you for important assessments

  • Performance analysis to help you reach your full potential

  • Engaging online courses to develop your competence in a particular area of interest

  • The blog and forum to interact with physiotherapists worldwide

  • Unique crib sheets that provide concise information on common topics 


Free Trial

Our 14-day FREE trial gives you access to all AcePhysio features with no commitment required. We want to give you the opportunity to explore all the features that will develop your continuing professional development (CPD) and help you become the best clinician you can be.

After the trial period, you have the option to select any of the subscription plans below to continue using AcePhysio for as long as you desire as well as gaining access to new CPD resources.


Subscription Plans

*Please note that the qualified Physiotherapist subscription plans are intended for qualified Physiotherapists that have already completed an undergraduate Physiotherapy course. The student Physiotherapist subscription plans are intended for student Physiotherapists that are currently completing an undergraduate Physiotherapy course at a higher educational institution. To be eligible for the student Physiotherapist subscription plan, registrants must provide a clear image of their valid university student ID card upon registration. We offer these discounts to students to make AcePhysio widely accessible for all regardless of socioeconomic background.

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